Photographer: Eric Matsuzaki

"My goal is to change way society perceives disability. "

The girl who was once told could, "never be a model," is now one of the top trail blazing new models in the industry. 

Shaholly has also taken on a role as the, Brand Ambassador for consulting firm, Global Disability Inclusion, LLC.

With her unbridled spirit and tenacious attitude, there is no telling what amazing things she may accomplish.  

My Short Biography

Shaholly Ayers 

  Nordstrom Anniversary Catalog 2014

Disfunkshion Magazine Cover -Issue 3  (my 1st cover) 

Modeling Portfolio


          haholly Ayers, a congenital amputee born just five days after one of the largest hurricanes to hit Florida Coast,             Shaholly has defied tremendous odds, to become one of America’s most dynamic emerging Top Models.
 With a stunningly transformative look, Shaholly’s diversity has earned her features with Nordstrom, GQ Italia, GQ Japan, US    Weekly, The Sun News Paper, The New York Times, Glamour.com, BBC News and most recently - the pinnacle of couture -   walked the last 3 seasons for Mercedes-Benz’s prestigious New York Fashion Week.

 Of course, not all that glitters is gold. Shaholly’s is as much a story of suffering and dark places as it is about overcoming          adversity, bright lights and catwalks. Remarkably courageous and open about her early struggles, Shaholly will at times candidly share - with a sweetly defiant resolve - accounts of abuse, bullying, violence and some absolutely unpalatable experiences. 

 With a boldly inspired passion for empowering victims of prejudice and profiling, Shaholly                                                             has recently partnered with Elisha Nelson to create  Love for Limbs, a resource site for

children and adult amputees.